Doraemon The Movie Nobita The Explorer Bow! Bow!
I, is Doraemon. One day, Nobita-kun I started looking for a place that can be large and adventure “there should be somewhere still hidden unexplored region in the earth!”. Earth because I have been exhausted longer expedition, Even impossible …. But at that time, Peko puppy that met in a vacant lot is, how out of a lot of satellite photos, I had to find a Space Runaway image of wonder. We can immediately to the jungle of uncivilized savage there is the Space Runaway image.
Nervous, pounding, and overcame a number of pinch, finally what the Kingdom of dog was reached. Its own evolution, the Kingdom of the dog that science has developed had been dominated by the poor minister called Daburanda bent on world domination. In order to regain the kingdom we are to that challenge the fight to Daburanda …! !